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Arm & Non-Arm
Security Personnel

We provide arm and non-arm guards both local and Nepali. Our Guards are highly trained and are prepared for your job assignment. We have our own SOP and KPI that is above industry standards. To date we have deployed over one thousands guards in the country.


Security Integration

We are your one-stop security integration company using the state of the art’s intelligent and cost effective solutions. As a single source for all of your security demands, we are dedicated to providing you the most innovative security solutions for your organisation.


Diverse Range
of Services

Being a holistic security services company we have wide and diverse range of security services to meet all your security demands. May it be individual security needs or even family, company or large scale industrial security services, we can provide you with all care and dedication.


Highly Trained
& Qualified Officers

All our senior officers are highly trained and qualified advisors in meeting all your security needs. In the past we have provided security consulting and advisory solutions for high risk individual, events, programs, airports, high sensitive zones etc.